School Council Minutes: February 2015

Wilson Ave. P.S. School Council Minutes
Date: Tuesday February 17, 2015 – 6:30 pm
Location: Wilson Ave. P.S. Faculty Lounge

Attendees: Principal Elizabeth Martz / Parents: Tonya Szeryk, Melissa Tormey and Sarah Cherrey

Regrets: V.P. Vince Graham, Christina Campbell

Fundraising Presentation by Andrea from Lamontagne
• Catalogue fundraising will take place in the fall
• Weekly, in-school popcorn sales will replace spring fundraising campaign
• Weekly sales to begin in April and continue until the end of the school year
• $1.00 per bag – generates a .50 profit per bag
• Exact change will be a requirement / popcorn will be sold as a take home snack
• ‘Popcorn Logistics Meeting’ schedule for March 5, 2015 at 3:20 pm

Review of January Minutes – deferred to April meeting

Financial Report
• Financial report has remained the same
• Dance-a-thon brought in approximately $4000
 DJ to be paid from funds raised
 All profits will be directed to the Chess Club

S.C. Project Update
• Wilson Greening Project
 Phase 2: 3 trees/4 berms/teepees/”Buddy Bench”/wooden balance beams/armor
stones and shrubbery
 Mrs. Martz and Sarah to make calls obtaining quotes for the addition of the above mentioned
 If project costs are less than $10 000, there is no requirement to obtain three quotes

• Math Kits – Math Games Night
 Math games night will likely not happen – not enough time before end of school year
 Family games night will take its place
 Thursday March 26, 2015 6:30 pm – 8
 Avoid use of gym – use hallway and library instead
 ‘Welcome Table’ to be set up at door – ticket to be given to each individual coming in for free bag of popcorn and drink (water or juice box)

Safe Caring Inclusive Schools (SCIS) – Info Session at WRDSB
• Meeting to be held on March 11 from 7-9 pm at Ed Centre
• Information will be available
• Ideas will be shared amongst those in attendance

Principal Update
• Grade 1 students took part in a community walk in celebration of 100 Day
• Grade 5 & 6 students will be going tubing
• Grade 4 & 5 students had guest visitors (U of W) doing a motivational presentation
• Grade 4 students participate in Hearing Society Presentation
• JK/K students had a free eye screening by the Lions Club
• PD Day on January 30 – teachers focused on assessment/evaluations
 Report cards go home on February 20
• 45 families have registered students for next year
 First round of enrolment numbers are to be submitted on March 31
• JK/K teachers gave class reviews to Mrs. Martz
• Sunnyside School Info Night flyer going home with Grades/4/5/6 students
• Chess Club has begun
• Green Committee met on February 9 – phase 2 was discussed (see previous notes)

Parent Communication – Outdoor Bulletin Board/Social Media Follow-up Discussion
• Single window outdoor bulletin board cost $560 plus installation costs (BARCA)
• Front entrance of school is ideal location (less chance of vandalism – central location)
• Social Media: Facebook and Twitter both require lots of responsibility and surveillance
• Christina presented number of Twitter followers for other schools in the area
• Twitter is still looking to be the most favorable was to communicate with people
• Remind 101 is also a free way to communicate with parents – Mrs. Martz will investigate this option

Next School Council Meeting – Tuesday April 21, 2015
Meeting Adjourned: 8:15 pm