Wilson Ave. P.S. School Council Minutes Date: Tuesday October 20, 2015 – 6:30 pm

Wilson Ave. P.S. School Council Minutes

Date: Tuesday October 20, 2015 – 6:30 pm

Location: Wilson Avenue Public School Teachers Lounge

Attendees: Principal Elizabeth Martz, V.P. Vince Graham / Parents: Tonya Szeryk, Christina Campbell, Sarah and Derek Cherrey, Melissa Tormey, Lavinia Toma, Asmaa Cober, Cheree Sladic, Andrea Roth and Amy Terpstra

Review of September Meeting Minutes

  • Christina corrected point two under job action to read ‘Teacher’s Union’
  • Mrs. Martz requested that point four under job action be omitted
  • Corrected spelling of teachers names under staffing updates

Fundraiser Results

  • Deadline for fundraising was yesterday (October 19), although orders are expected to trickle in throughout the week ahead
  • $8381 worth of orders has been submitted as of today
  • On-line orders have not been calculated as of yet
  • Few complaints has been received about campaign:
    • Products are too expensive
    • Products are much harder to sell – less people to approach
  • Should any products be received damaged, the customer is to deal with Norcard directly – not the school

S.C. Finances

  • $8068 has been paid to Schaefer
  • $3000 Grant for Greening Project has been reimbursed to the S.C. account.
  • $1000 Pro Grant & $433.47 refund for double payment of Math Bags has been deposited
  • $3162.42 is current amount in S.C. Account

Photo Day – see Principal/Vice Principal Report

Greening Update

  • Buddy Bench has arrived and will be installed to the right of the Greening Project, across from the stage, facing the school
  • Post around the sod are to be removed

Math Kits

  • Planning and organizing this project will resume once fundraising campaign is complete
  • An evening to assemble these bags to be arranged


Labels for Education

  • Started this project in 2012 and as of today we have earned approximately 3000 points
  • 500-1000 points are collected annually
  • Because there is more effort put in than there are benefits, S.C. has voted to not continue with this program
  • Thank you to Christina for her commitment to this over the past few years

Principal / V. P. Report

Job Action Update

  • Three main priorities are: keep schools open / keep student safe / keep student learning
  • Custodial and Secretarial staff have now been affected by job action

    School Activities

  • Carizon is running a 10 week EIEI Program for all kindergarten student
  • This program assists with problem solving, self-regulation, emotional and social control
  • Grade 3 & 4 are invited to take part in a free science program with instructors from the University
  • Mad Science has started
  • 10 week after school  program until 4:15
  • 50 students have registered this year


Photo Day

  • Three main components: money collection, paper distribution and organizing students
  • May be possible to run with parent volunteers yet it would still be extremely difficult to manage
  • At the current time, commitment to planning this event is not possible
  • Photo day could still occur once labour dispute comes to an end

Upcoming Events

  • WRDSB, WRAPSC and PIC are running an Evening of Conversation about School Council
    • RSVP By October 30
    • Event Dates: Nov 12 – Eastwood Collegiate, Nov 19 – Bluevale Collegiate, Nov 26 – Galt Collegiate – time for all three of these locations is 6:30 – 9
  • safeTALK Suicide Alertness Training, Parent Information Night at Education Centre Nov.10 at 7 pm
    • RSVP to Barbara Ward, Mental Health Lead for WRDSB 519-570-0003 ext.4558
    • www.livingworks.net for more information

Parent Engagement

  • Increase in parents getting involved from previous years
  • Need to send out ‘less intimidating’ information regarding meetings and what they entail
  • Biggest challenge at Wilson is language barrier
  • Possibility of hosting a ‘New Immigrant Information Night’ ?
  • More informal events to help break the ice and make families more comfortable to become involved

Movie Night

  • Thursday, December 3, 2015
  • Details of this event to be discussed at November meeting

Next School Council Meeting – November 17, 2015 at 6:30 pm – Wilson School Staff Lounge

Meeting Adjourned:  8:00 pm