Welcome to Wilson Avenue.  Our school is an elementary school (Kindergarten to Grade 6) which first opened its doors in 1956.  We have approximately 480 students and we are located at 221 Wilson Avenue in Kitchener.

After completing Grade 6, our students move on to Sunnyside Senior Public School for Grade 7 and 8, and then attend Eastwood Collegiate for their secondary school education.

The students at Wilson Avenue come from various parts of the world and represent many cultures and customs.  At Wilson Avenue, our vision is “We care about ourselves, each other, our school, our community and our world.”  Our students strive to follow the “Big 8” :

1.  I am here and on time

Wildcat Logo2.  I am ready to learn

3. I am positive and eager to try

4. I cooperate

5. I improve my skills

6. I keep my promises

7. I respect myself and others

8. I take care of my health

The staff at Wilson is made up of excellent educators who are committed to their students and our community.  As a staff, we believe that all students have the ability and capacity to learn and this is demonstrated through the high standards that we expect of every student, as well as the empathy and understanding that is given to each.